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Afternoon Arpeggio Delight

Last week I posted an instagram video of a little arpeggio study I wrote.

A number of people left comments asking for a transcription of this one, so I took the opportunity to try out my new pencil and wrote out a tab in the notability app for iPad. Download link for TAB is below the video - Enjoy!

In my arpeggio playing I enjoy employing a variety of different techniques (sweep, hybrid picking, legato) and melodic devices (ascending and descending motion within the same arpeggio "shape", interval leaps, color tones) and I try to keep things interesting rhythmically, melodically and harmonically.

I also like to do "a lot with a little", getting the most out of basic ideas and shapes by using them in as many different ways as possible (did you know that a minor arpeggio played from the 3rd of a major chord gives you a Major 7 sound? How cool is that? Try it now!).

Download the handwritten TAB here (PDF format):

*I left out my right hand picking / fingering so you can discover what approach works best for you. Hint: if a note was plucked, I was using one of only 4 choices: up, down, m or a. I may break down my picking approach to this passage in a future lesson / video.