Photo by Renee Bannon

Born and raised in Virginia, Bryan Aspey is a classically trained guitarist, composer, music producer, animator and video editor. 

Aspey’s musical journey has taken him on an eclectic journey of styles, having performed and recorded in genres ranging from Death Metal to Celtic to Classical, and as a session guitarist for Emmy-winning composers.  He has won international guitar competitions and produced, scored and edited videos for some of the world’s leading guitar brands. 

In addition to his guitar work, Aspey’s passion for electronic music began developing in the mid-’90s, when he started writing music in ambient, experimental, drum n’ bass, trip hop, chillout and lo-fi genres.  From his early days of working in the legendary DOS sequencer Impulse Tracker, to his recent work with modular synths and live coding software Sonic Pi and Tidalcycles, Aspey continually seeks to push the boundaries of sonic expression through his music.

Since moving to Los Angeles, he’s written music for indie horror films, and produced, scored, and edited PSAs for Seth Rogen’s “Hilarity for Charity”, and CIRM’s Stem Cell Board.  Most recently, Aspey created original music for the 2020 video game, Cyberpunk 2077.  

Aspey also produces ambient and experimental electronic music under the name “in the arms of somnus”, and is the founder of the music education project, Shred of Dignity Guitar.