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Photo by Stirling Elmendorf
Bryan Aspey is an award winning guitarist, composer and producer. He is known for embracing a wide range of musical mediums – from cinematic, expansive indie rock to acoustic world music to ambient electronic. Bryan considers himself a music advocate and a bit of an archaeologist, passionate about unearthing excellent forgotten music and bringing it to the forefront.

Before focusing his energy on creating music for picture, Bryan received a degree w/ honors in Composition and Audio Engineering from James Madison University; recorded and toured with Scottish fiddle virtuoso Bonnie Rideout; produced the solo acoustic album, Frozen Hours that Jorge Strunz called, "Very creative mixing of influences. Gracefully achieved."; won multiple international guitar competitions; and produced popular videos for Gibson Guitar Brands.

Bryan's recent productions include: PSAs for Seth Rogen's Hilarity for Charity and, and a James Franco event video.

Bryan recently produced the title song, featuring vocals by Peter Stormare, for the indie horror-comedy film: Garden Party Massacre.

Bryan lives in Los Angeles with his wife,  animal advocate and author, Amy Luwis, and their rescue pit bull, Isabelle.