Photo by Renee Bannon

Bryan Aspey is a highly accomplished artist with a background in classical guitar, composition, and production. His musical journey has led him to collaborate with the Bonnie Rideout Scottish Trio, performing at renowned venues such as the Kennedy Center and The Barns at Wolftrap. He has also gained recognition through international guitar competitions and contributed videos for leading guitar brands.

Beyond his musical career as a guitarist, Aspey has lent his creative talents to indie films by composing original scores. He has also taken on diverse roles in producing, scoring, and editing public service announcements for organizations like Seth Rogen's HFC and various corporate clients.

In a notable crossover, Bryan Aspey's compositions have found their way into the top-selling game Cyberpunk 2077, showcasing his versatility and impact in the music industry.

Aspey also produces ambient and experimental electronic music under the name “in the arms of somnus”, and is the founder of the music education project, Shred of Dignity Guitar.

In his spare time, Aspey is unearthing and building a repertoire of pieces from the Renaissance to the Romantic period, adapting everything from solo works to full orchestral scores into arrangements for electric guitar.

Aspey currently lives in Northern Virginia and can be reached at BryanAspey@Gmail.com